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Send an Email Message with Desire2Learn

To send an email message to someone using Desire2Learn (D2L), start by opening the D2L email. The most accessable way to access email is by clicking on the Message Tool at the top of your D2L page and then clicking Go to Email. See the tutorial Using Desire2Learn Email for more information on finding the Message Tool.

To send an email, click on Compose located to the right of the folder list, near the top of the screen.

Click on Compose to start an email message

Once you have clicked on Compose, the Compose New Message window will open.

Now click on Address Book located at the top right hand side of the Compose New Message window.

Click address book button

The Address Book window will open. Click the box beside the name of the person you want to send a message to. Then click on the To located at the top of the list. Next click on Add Recipients.

Check the box beside the name, click To, then click Add Recipients

Now you will be taken back to your Compose New Message window, type in a subject and a message. 

Next click on Send located on the top left hand side of the window. Your mail message has now been sent for private viewing.

Type the subject and message, click send

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