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Accessing your webmail

Quick Reference Guide

Contact the Teaching & Learning Enhancement unit for more tips on using Outlook or other MS Office applications!

If you are wondering how to keep in touch with your work e-mail while you are traveling or away from the office for any reason, here's how to access your Webmail. You can also use your Web access to turn on your "out of office" if you forgot to do it before leaving the office or need to change it.

  1. Open your Web browser: Internet Explore, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.
  2. Go to: https://webmail.bowvalleycollege.ca. (Note the "s" on the https and there is no "www")

Click here to go to your webmail

Login Procedure

User Name: bowvalley\ followed by your normal username for your workstation: firstinitiallastname

  • Please note the direction of the \... it is the one above the "enter" key on most keyboards.

 Password: Same password as you use when logging in to your workstation.

Picture of Webmail connect page

Having Trouble Logging In?

  • Be sure you have used the right "\". It's the one above the "Enter" key.
  • Check your spelling

Once you have logged in successfully, this is what you see:

Inside Webmail

1. The same folders are here. Click on the + sign beside a folder to expand it.

2. You don't have as many tools available in the Web Access but you can still create new:

  • messages or folders
  • appointments
  • contacts
  • distribution lists
  • tasks

3. Access other tools such as Calendar, Tasks, Contacts, Public Folders and set up Rules and choose Options. It is in the Options menu where you can set your "out of office".