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Student Voices

Choosing which post-secondary institution is right for you is a life-changing decision. Bow Valley College alumni share their stories on their BVC experience and why Bow Valley College was the right choice for them.

Ryoko Takada

As an international student, Bow Valley College was the best school for me because of its well-developed support system. With the skills I gained from the Business and Administration program, I can help other new Canadians make a great start in Calgary."
- Ryoko Takada, Success Canada Ltd.

Matthew Molinari

"After graduating from university, I didn't have the practical experience employers were looking for. The Human Resources Certificate Program at Bow Valley College provided me with relevant classroom instruction paired with practical work experience which, I am pleased to say, resulted in full-time employment."
- Mathew Molinari, Human Resources Management Certificate Graduate


Laura Krausert

"Bow Valley College's Legal Assistant Diploma is a great program because it encourages independence and it takes advantage of its Advisory Committee system to bring in lawyers and others from law firms who are very frank about what it takes to make it in the legal profession."
- Laura Krausert, Legal Assistant Diploma Graduate

Alexiea Mason

"Bow Valley College helped me grow professionally and personally. The staff were very friendly and knowledgeable. Bow Valley College helped me achieve the career I have today. The Administrative Professional program gave me all the skills and tools needed to be successful in my career."
- Alexiea Mason, Ernst & Young LLP

Leean Porter

"Since graduation, I have become well established as a Dental Business Assistant. Within a year after graduation I became a manager for a corporate dental office. Bow Valley College was a great asset in helping me start my exciting and very rewarding career."
- Leean Porter, Dr. Todd, Dentist Office